A cosmic phenomenon inspired the development of the Denk’Art series. The angles used of around 24, 48 and 72 degrees correspond to the inclination angle of our earth or its multiple. If you believe the traditions, the ancient Romans recognized that this angle

had outstanding properties in the manufacture of storage containers. Food not only stayed fresh longer in it, it also tasted much better. The fact that in Zalto Denk’Art Glass Wines unfold optimally in the nose and on the palate can also be traced back to these cosmic parallels.

On its orbit around the sun, the axis of the earth is not at right angles to the orbit, but inclined by about 24 degrees and is, among other things, the reason for our seasons. Not least because of this, it has a strong influence on life on earth.

his angle can already be found in many technical applications in ancient times. Not only the amphorae made use of this. Window openings, construction axes or light shafts were also aligned accordingly in many buildings and monuments.

Accordingly, the angle of inclination can also be found in every glass in the Denk’Art series.