For us the burgundy-glass by Hans Denk –Denk`Art- is the most ingenious glass for Grüner Veltliner. Especially for more mature, particularly premium and concentrated `Smaragd`-wines. For the wine it creates an enamel, profound fruit and elegance in implausible extent. We are enthusiastic.

Rudolphine and F.X. Pichler Winemakers legends from the Wachau

Zalto Wine Glasses…life is too short to drink bad wine, it is also too short to drink good wine from bad glasses.

Deidre Woollard,

If you’re looking for glasses and your budget tiptoes into hand-blown territory, though, these are, truly, the best I’ve ever used.

Andrew Jefford ,

I’ve recently come across another glass manufacturer whose glasses I really love: Zalto. These are truly beautiful hand-blown glasses that are amazingly light and delicate, yet quite flexible and resilent too.

Jamie Goode, The Sunday Express, UK

The wine whisperer. The ultimate wine-glass. Everything is amplified, richer, finer. When the wine is perfect, the experience is sublime. There will be no upgrade, no obsolescence.

The Unimprovable Awards, Wall Street Journal Celebrating 6 perfect things

Thomas Keller is using them at the French Laundry and Per Se. They’re on tables at Eleven Madison Park, Bouley and Le Bernadin, too. Even Robert Parker has given Zalto an enthusiastic quote. Sommeliers are crazy about Zalto glasses.

S. Irene Virbila, Los Angeles Times

I didn’t think, that there would be anything better on the glass-market … this glass is. Moreover it has something erotic …

Francois Mauss, President of the «Grand Jury European»

Lovely to handle – featherlight, very fine-rimmed and curiously flexible…compared to the Riedel Sommelier range they’re very reasonably priced

Fiona Beckett,

Zalto glasses are the thinnest and most delicate glasses I have come across, yet seem springy and almost elastic in the hand… and would give any serious wine lover a real thrill over the closeness of contact they offer.

Jancis Robinson MW, Financial Times

The current gold standard

Eric Asimov, NY Times

Its stem was bouncy, balanced and fine as a violin bow, light as a hummingbird’s bones. Its rim was as honed as my favorite knife. This wasn’t merely a wine glass; it was a precision instrument that bordered on the spiritual…

Alice Feiring,

Great wines develop even better in the Denk`Art glass — a great enrichment for the entire glass- and wine-world!

Franz Hitzberger, Chairman of VINEA WACHAU

… there are plenty of other good wine-glass manufacturers out there, from Dartington to Schott Zwiesel. I rate the Austrian company Zalto particularly highly. Its glasses are delicate and elegant to hold, and beautifully designed for enjoying wine. The one that catches my eye is the Universal glass, which is designed for both red and white wine.

Olly Smith, The Daily Mail

The thin glass showed the color beautifully and the shape enhanced the aroma. Even better, I found they are dishwasher safe and resist clouding. If you love wine, Zalto offers a stylish and modern alternative to fine stemware currently on the market.

Marisa D’Vari

The Stradivarius among the wineglasses

Stuart Pigott, The Riesling Story-The best White Wine on Earth

We recently discovered Zalto Denk’Art glassware from Austria, whose elegant, eye-catching design first piqued our interest and whose dishwasher-safe performance won us over. These glasses allow us to swirl and view appealing whites and inhale the bold aromas of reds. If we use them every weekday for a year, we’ll have upgraded every sip of wine we drink for just a few dimes a day.

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, The Washington Post

The Denk`Art glass is fleet-footed, very elastic and despite the almost delicate working, surprisingly break-proof. Furthermore, it makes a great visual impact, is contemporary and all features considered superior to all other glasses.

Heinz Reitbauer, Patron of the Chef’s hat and Michelin Star crowned restaurant Steirereck

… I´ve been doing a few comparisons with the Zalto and other glasses… I´m impressed enough to covet some Zalto.

David Schildknecht, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

Quite possibly the greatest wine glass we’ll ever drink from.

Adam Rapoport,

Wine glass test

A prominent jury of experts, composed of both famous wine experts and glass producers, such as Georg Riedel, has clearly chosen Zalto Denk`Art as the best wine glasses on the market.

All of the well-known glass brands in Europe took part in this comprehensive wine glass test, including Riedel, Spiegelau, Zwiesel, Lobmmeyr and Eisch.

The test was carried out by an independent wine journalist, under the supervision of a judge, on behalf of the German weekly magazine “Stern”.

Under the fairest of test conditions, Zalto came out on top in all three test categories with the white wine glass, the universal glass and the Burgundy glass.

  • white wines
  • light, fragrant red wines
  • full-bodied red wines

In each Zalto took first place.