Denk’ Art

The most successful, handcrafted, functional wine glass range on the market today. Since their launch, they have quickly become the benchmark in wine glass appreciation. Developed with the aim of prioritising the perfect enjoyment of wine while allowing the glass itself to take a backseat through weightlessness.

Relentless precision combined with an appreciation for wine reduces the glass to its essentials. Combining centuries-old craftsmanship with a modern, detailed aesthetic plus a featherweight feel with impressive functionality.

Series W1

The stemless addition to our range. Developed and manufactured in line with to the high standards of our functional wine glasses. Combining the timeless design ethos and perfect craftsmanship with modern aesthetics to give an optimal drinking experience.

Decanter 67

The slim, elegant carafe with an elongated neck and a discreet glass stopper. It celebrated its premiere in one of the most important wine clubs in the world and has since proven itself during demanding use in terms of everyday suitability, design and function.